September 18, 2018

My Favorite Time of Year

My Favorite Time of Year

Fall is my favorite season. I know! I know! It's not fall yet - buy y'all - it's so close! The moment I see school supplies in the stores (which I love because pretty pens and organizers have to be one of my love languages) - I can begin to feel fall drawing closer. The sound of school buses early in the morning, the routine of homework settling in, pumpkins spice everywhere, and leaves - oh my - leaves falling - I LOVE IT! Since we live in South Carolina - drinking my morning cup of coffee outside doesn't happen until late September or early October (depending on the mosquitos and the humidity) so when fall begins to draw near - I begin to get super excited!

Another thing I get excited about it what we call around Shoppe3130 as "tutu season". Many of you call this time Halloween. We usually make about 600-700 tutus within a two month span so you can imagine why we renames this as tutu season. It gets super busy. My brain gets super cluttered - hence my love of organizers - digital and paper - (hey - whatever it takes!). With all the hustle and busyness going on - my favorite thing in tutu season is when I imagine a little girl getting her custom made tutu from our shoppe. I imagine her excitement when she sees the box with our cute little unicorn sticker on it. I imagine her bouncing up and down while her mommy or daddy unwraps it for her. I imagine she asks to try it on - or even wear it a little while even though it isn't time yet. She is excited and that makes my mommy heart super excited! See - I have 4 littles - two of which are girls. All my children love getting mail and ,goodness, I love getting mail! (Ask my husband - we set this thing straight in the beginning of our marriage - don't open this momma's mail! - I love it!) ... don't you wish we all still sent handwritten cards and letters and postcards? I do. Rabbit trail.... I just bought two boxes of cards. My goal is to mail them all by the end of the year - just because!

Another thing I love about fall is fashion. I love the colors, the clothes, the smells. I love scarves and hats and boots and earrings. I love jackets and leggings and tunics.  I love the deep and rich hues that we wear - they don't scream - look at me - but instead they remind of of the beauty of creation! Sigh!

I also love fall food. Chili, soups comfort casseroles and cookouts (because it's finally bearable to be outside here in SC and most of the bugs will soon be dying - hopefully!) I love pumpkin bread and muffins and fresh baked cookies. Oh - and boiled peanuts - weird -but oh my goodness I love them!

And you know - I'm a crafter to the core - so I love the craft shows and art shows. We used to be participants in them but now - at least for a season - we are show goers. Yay! I love to see what others create and dream up. It is inspiring and encouraging and refreshing! I love it!

I. Just. Love, Fall. There isn't much I don't love about it. 

With arms wide open - I'm ready to embrace all things fall! How about you??


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August 02, 2017

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion
There are a lot of new things happening around Shoppe3130. You have probably noticed we are venturing into some new product areas. We love fashion.. that is actually where we started. We started Shoppe 3130 as a second hand ladies clothing shop as ministry to women going back into the workforce. It was a lot of fun - but the seasons of our life changed as we started having babies. We decided to close our clothing shoppe that was located in the heart of downtown Augusta, GA and come home - to work from home - on handmade products. Then we added birthday party products, other party supplies, craft supplies, gift items, and the list goes on. We are adding a lot of clothing and jewelry in the new several months - for ladies, children, babies, and men. We will also begin some children's clothing buy in sales where you mommas can pre order adorably cute clothing, shoes and accessories for your little ones. 
We just wanted to put a bug in your ear. We are excited about these new products being introduced. Let us know what you think. Follow us on social Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest. We will release new product news there each week!
Thanks for making this dream a reality!

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February 22, 2017

Taking Your Party Decor "Out of the Box"

Taking Your Party Decor
Lately I have been playing around with some new ideas for us our tissue party decor in more ways. Last week I helped decorate for my oldest daughters K5 Valentine's Day Party. I only had a few minutes between the kids going out of the class to when they would return - in FULL anticipation of a party… so… I needed to think quick and I needed to act even quicker!
I planned to hang our tissue tassel garlands around the class along with some heart shaped balloons. We also used the tissue circle confetti on the tables. I realized I did not have time to assemble our party tassels before the kids would arrive - so I simply took the DIY kit out, draped them over the twine that we include in the pack and viola! there is was - a lovely and simple garland. The kids were excited and I was done and felt totally accomplished!
I do have a picture of our garland but since I don't have releases from all of our parents and the garland is in the background of a class pic - I can't post it online. . . BUT a wonderful customer of ours also did the same thing with her DIY kit from our shoppe this week and she gave me some great photos to use. (She also used our tissue confetti in her clear balloons, circle tissue garland in gold circles, tissue fans/medallions, and some assembled tassels on the balloon strings. SO CUTE!)
So - here is an incredibly cute way to decorate out of the box -
and it is OH SO EASY and FUN!
Check out our party supplies HERE.

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November 25, 2016

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale
Use the coupon code 


to save 20% your ENTIRE purchase on our website!!!
Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!!

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October 26, 2016

How to Host the Perfect Tailgate

How to Host the Perfect Tailgate

 Hey, y'all! Jaclyn here.

I threw a tailgate party for some Tennessee fans the other weekend and used Shoppe 3130 party supplies for decorations. Today, I am going to share some tips for hosting the perfect tailgate! 

Fall means football! In the South we have 4 seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, & SEC Football!

Hosting the perfect tailgate can be broken down into two categories: food & decorations. If you get those right, then you will have a successful tailgate! 


Use the triple threat combo of something salty, sweet, & savory. For this tailgate, I chose to use spinach & artichoke dip, mini cupcakes, & a cheese board as my combo!

Be sure to include a healthy option, like fresh fruit or a vegetable tray. Also, stock your fridge or cooler with plenty of water!


Keep your decorations festive! Use a Shoppe 3130 tassel garland & some of our striped straws. The garland can be used Saturday after Saturday and the straws are fun & functional. 

Shoppe 3130 has so many colors to choose from for both the tassels & straws, you will surely find your team's winning combination!

Be sure to tag us in your tailgate pictures if you use any of the items from our shop @shoppe3130 & #shoppe3130!

Make life fun!
Shoppe 3130
PS: Go Vols!

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