February 22, 2017

Taking Your Party Decor "Out of the Box"

Taking Your Party Decor
Lately I have been playing around with some new ideas for us our tissue party decor in more ways. Last week I helped decorate for my oldest daughters K5 Valentine's Day Party. I only had a few minutes between the kids going out of the class to when they would return - in FULL anticipation of a party… so… I needed to think quick and I needed to act even quicker!
I planned to hang our tissue tassel garlands around the class along with some heart shaped balloons. We also used the tissue circle confetti on the tables. I realized I did not have time to assemble our party tassels before the kids would arrive - so I simply took the DIY kit out, draped them over the twine that we include in the pack and viola! there is was - a lovely and simple garland. The kids were excited and I was done and felt totally accomplished!
I do have a picture of our garland but since I don't have releases from all of our parents and the garland is in the background of a class pic - I can't post it online. . . BUT a wonderful customer of ours also did the same thing with her DIY kit from our shoppe this week and she gave me some great photos to use. (She also used our tissue confetti in her clear balloons, circle tissue garland in gold circles, tissue fans/medallions, and some assembled tassels on the balloon strings. SO CUTE!)
So - here is an incredibly cute way to decorate out of the box -
and it is OH SO EASY and FUN!
Check out our party supplies HERE.

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November 25, 2016

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale
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Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!!

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October 26, 2016

How to Host the Perfect Tailgate

How to Host the Perfect Tailgate

 Hey, y'all! Jaclyn here.

I threw a tailgate party for some Tennessee fans the other weekend and used Shoppe 3130 party supplies for decorations. Today, I am going to share some tips for hosting the perfect tailgate! 

Fall means football! In the South we have 4 seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, & SEC Football!

Hosting the perfect tailgate can be broken down into two categories: food & decorations. If you get those right, then you will have a successful tailgate! 


Use the triple threat combo of something salty, sweet, & savory. For this tailgate, I chose to use spinach & artichoke dip, mini cupcakes, & a cheese board as my combo!

Be sure to include a healthy option, like fresh fruit or a vegetable tray. Also, stock your fridge or cooler with plenty of water!


Keep your decorations festive! Use a Shoppe 3130 tassel garland & some of our striped straws. The garland can be used Saturday after Saturday and the straws are fun & functional. 

Shoppe 3130 has so many colors to choose from for both the tassels & straws, you will surely find your team's winning combination!

Be sure to tag us in your tailgate pictures if you use any of the items from our shop @shoppe3130 & #shoppe3130!

Make life fun!
Shoppe 3130
PS: Go Vols!

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October 12, 2016

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Since some of our more popular items in the shoppe are our tutu costumes, it's no surprise that halloween is an exciting time of year for us. Halloween & Fall Festivals can be a lot of fun but as with any crowded night time activity, you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Here are some tips for staying safe during Halloween & other autumn activities:

1. Stay in groups.

We recommend this for trick or treating, fall festivals, corn mazes, etc. Going in groups makes it more fun as well as keeps kids accountable for each other. Use the buddy system! 

2. Dress everyone in comfortable shoes.

It's tempting to dress your littles in shoes that match their costumes but it's more important that the shoes fit properly & are comfortable for walking around the neighborhood.

3. Bring a flashlight or glow stick. (Don't rely on your phone's flash)

4. Make sure you fully charge your phone before heading out to trick or treat (or any fall nighttime activity). 

5. Don't go inside strangers houses.

This rule mainly applies for trick or treating (so do the next few rules). You may have really nice neighbors, but it's best to make a general rule to not enter strangers' houses. 

6. Only walk on well lit streets & only ring doorbells at houses with porch lights on.

Remember, not everyone celebrates Halloween.

7. Look both ways before crossing the street. 

Halloween is a lot of fun, so kids are very excited. Practice good traffic safety and stay alert at all times.  Keep your phone in your pocket when walking around (no texting & walking). Only take pictures of your kids when you're in a safe area. 

8. Inspect your littles' candy before letting them eat it.

Be aware of any food allergies and throw out candy that's come out of it's wrapper. 

9. Start early & don't stay out too late. 

10. Use reflective tape on dark costumes.

You can buy reflective tape at Walmart and stick a piece on the back of your little ninja, vampire, monster, etc! It's an inexpensive way to keep your kids safe & visible! 

We hope everyone has a fun & safe halloween! And remember, if your littles are wearing a costume from our shoppe, be sure to snap a pic and enter into our Facebook contest! See rules here

Make life fun!
Shoppe 3130 


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October 10, 2016

Shoppe 3130 Halloween Costume Contest 2016 Rules

Shoppe 3130 Halloween Costume Contest 2016 Rules

Shoppe 3130 Halloween Costume Contest 2016

If your little wears a Shoppe3130 costume for Halloween this year, then be sure to snap a picture & email it to us at shoppe3130contest@gmail.com. By submiting your pictures, you are giving us permission to use your photos on social media, etsy, our website, & for other marketing purposes. All submissions are due on or before Sunday, November 6th. The deadline for voting for fan favorite is Saturday, November 12th & the winners will be announced on Sunday, November 13th!

We have 6 categories this year:

  • Dad Favorites (Super Heros, Star Wars, Pokemon, TMNT)
  • Frilly Favorite (Princess, Frozen, My Little Pony, Mini Mouse)
  • Classic Favorite (Wiard of Oz, Sesame Street)
  • For the Boys (Fox Tail,Dino Tails, Capes, Owl Masks (anything in our shoppe that you make a little boy's costume))
  • Fan Favorite (most liked picture in our Facebook competition)
  • Best All Around (we will choose our favorite / most creative picture submitted!)

Each winner will receive a $25 giftcard to Shoppe 3130! We can't wait to see our tutus in action!

Make life fun!
Shoppe 3130

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