July 15, 2016

Meet Jaclyn!

Meet Jaclyn!

Happy Friday friends! 

You may have noticed a little more activity than usual on our social media channels this week. A few weeks ago, Jenny placed an "ad" on her personal Facebook page looking for someone to help with Shoppe 3130's social media presence & web site. Jaclyn Frazier, who Jesse & Jenny know from church, reached out & it turned out to be a perfect fit! 
Jaclyn is passionate about social media marketing & web design for small businesses. She has helped a handful of businesses with digital marketing & has a strong personal social media presence. Because of her personal social media following, she's been able to partner with brands of all sizes from Coca-Cola to smaller local businesses.  
Since Jaclyn is joining our team, we wanted you, our awesome customers & followers, to get to know her a little bit. 
Jaclyn was born in Florida but was raised in Augusta, Ga & lived there for 20 years. After college at Augusta University (go Jags!), she moved to Chattanooga, TN to be closer to her at-the-time boyfriend, now fiance, Jordan. In her spare time, Jaclyn enjoys reading blogs, wedding planning, & dining at new brunch spots. Jaclyn & Jordan are getting married in November of this year & will bring a lot of wedding inspiration & ideas to the Shoppe. 
Check her out on Instagram @jaclynfrazier & her blog southeaststylist.com
Making life more fun!
Shoppe 3130 Team

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July 11, 2016

In with the New!

In with the New!

Wow! Is it really already mid-July??

I can not believe summer break is nearing an end and school supplies are already on the shelves, teacher meet and greets are already on the calendar, and fall is just around the corner!

Also - I can not believe that this time a year ago, I was waddling around, pregnant with our 4th baby who is now 8 months old….and already crawling… and he has two tiny little teeth! He totally missed the memo - I specifically asked him not grow up too fast!

I am so excited about this next year with Shoppe3130!

We are about to launch two new inspired lines of tutus that will be available in August 2016!

We will launch our Star Wars Inspired tutu line as well as a Mrs. Mouse tutu - inspired by Mrs. Minnie herself! 

We also have more great news!

We want to welcome, Jaclyn Frazier, to our team!

Jaclyn is our Social Media and Marketing Coordinator!

We are SO VERY - um - SO, SO VERY - excited to have her on our team.

We will let her introduce herself to you all very soon but I wanted to be the first to say,

"Welcome, Jaclyn! We are looking forward to the days ahead with you on our team!"

Stay tuned for more exciting news, updates, looks, contests, and more!

For the time being, I will leave you with this little photo of the cutest little hunk this side of Heaven!

Aiden Stone -8 months old - and totally has his Mommy wrapped around his little chubby finger!

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